Halloween Riyadh 2023: Experience the Scary of Halloween in Riyadh – 2023’s Most Anticipated Event

Get Ready for the Most Scary Halloween Celebration in Riyadh in 2023

Halloween has always been a time of fun and enjoyment. It is celebrated in many countries around the world. Halloween is a traditionally Western holiday that has gained popularity worldwide, and Riyadh is no exception. Riyadh hosts many exciting events and activities to make Halloween 2023 a memorable occasion. Riyadh showcases a range of family-friendly events that are suitable for all ages and interests.

What are the best Halloween Events in Riyadh?

Green Donuts

Glaze Grace is a donut place that serves all kinds of donuts. And during the Halloween season, they give all the feels with green donuts and awesome latte art.

Hospital Ghost

Irqa Hospital is one of Riyadh’s most haunted places, having been used to treat veterans from the Gulf War in 1981. The hospital was put out of commission and has since become the focus of tweets and rumors across social media. Jinns (spirits) were discovered and allegedly vandalized the premises.

Haunted House of Winter Wonderland

With the Riyadh season well and truly underway, Winter Wonderland brings all kinds of wonders to the city. Although it feels very festive, it also has its own haunted house. With terrifying mazes, scary games and death-defying rollercoasters, you’re sure to get some scares.

A cemetery themed cafe

Syrup Lounge hosts a party for adults. The Anatara compounds have a DJ, food trucks, a cemetery-themed cafe and, if you don’t come prepared, a clothing store. This is sure to be one of the best Halloween events in Riyadh.

Children’s dress up party

It’s for the little ones, as Syrup Lounge also throws in a children’s clothing park. Have lots of fun. Dress up as their favorite cartoon character and take lots of pictures. Strike a pose as a family and watch the smile grow on your child’s face.
SAR100 for children, SAR35 for adults (includes a drink).

Oct. 29. 5-7 p.m.

9038 Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Bin Abdul Aziz Road, An Narjis,


(011 228 8006)

Ultimate Horror Movies

Even if you’re not a big fan of the latest Halloween kills, going to the theater to see a scary movie (even just to jump) is a Halloween tradition.

What are the best Halloween Places in Riyadh

1. Crypt Haunted House:

The Crypt Haunted House opens on its 10th day Season in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The haunted house of the crypt offers an extraordinary
Halloween party. It’s filled with spooky decorations like spiderwebs and eerie lights. Famous DJs play scary music to get you dancing. You can experience ghost-inspiration Cocktails and dancing with others in costumes. It will truly be a thrilling Halloween experience.

2.Riyadh Boulevard:

The entire boulevard is transformed into a costume party. During the “Scary Weekend” event in 2022. The event is a two-day celebration.
Place on Thursday and Friday. The event is sponsored by the government and attracts huge crowds. A crowd of people dressed in all kinds of clothes. The Boulevard is decorated with Halloween-themed decorations, and there are various activities and performances
throughout the day and night. There are also food and drink vendors selling Halloween-themed treats and drinks. The event is family-friendly, and there are activities for children. For kids, face painting and pumpkin carving are also available.

3. Glaze Grace:

Glaze Grace is a popular donut place in Riyadh. Donuts of every kind. During the Halloween season, they offer a special menu
Spooky themed donuts and sweet treats. The menu has a wide variety Halloween-themed donuts like the “Monster Mash” donut, this one
Chocolate donut with green icing and candy eyes. They offer a “Pumpkin Spice”. A latte with Halloween themed latte art. The spooky season menu is available for a limited time during the Halloween season

Open: Sat-Wed 8am-12pm Thurs-Fri 8am-1:30pm

Place: 7089 Abi Bakr As Siddiq Rd, An Nada,

4. The Witching Hour at the Bewitched Ballroom:

Bewitched Ballroom in Riyadh hosts a Halloween party called “HIVE: The Witching Hour- ALL NIGHT HALLOWEEN PARTY”. The all-night party will begin on Saturday, October 28 and conclude on Sunday, October 29, 2023.  The party is organized by Max Dansky.

Place: The event is held at 77 Free St., Riyadh.

5. Haunted House of Winter Wonderland:

Winter Wonderland is an amusement park in Riyadh that has a haunted house during the Halloween season, which usually runs from October to November. The haunted house is designed to be a terrifying place that takes visitors through a series of spooky rooms. The haunted house is suitable for adults and children.

Place: Waheeda 13311, Saudi Arabia, 15243, 5755

6. Syrup Lounge Halloween Party:

The Syrup Lounge Halloween Party is held annually the event will take place on Halloween night on October 31st. The party is known for its spooky decorations. Open to adults only and features a DJ, food trucks and a cemetery-themed cafe. The party is held at Anatara Complex in Riyadh.

From SAR260.

Open: October 29. 5pm-1am.

Place: King Khalid Branch Rd, Ar Rihab, Ad Diriyah 13717

Phone: 011 228 8006

Website: syrup.sa/event/freaky-friday

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