How to apply and obtain SCFHS license in Saudi Arabia?: Eligibility, Requirement, Cost, Validity, SCFHS Exam, Benefits

What is SCFHS exam?

The SCFHS exam is a nationwide examination for healthcare professional licensing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) is in charge of administering this exam, issuing professional classification and registration cards and overseeing the country’s general health system.

How to apply for SCFHS in Saudi Arabia?

  1. First Primary Source Verification (PSV) through dataflow application
  2. Second professional classification or Eligibility application through Mumaris Plus
  3. Third the pre-registration and conformation of candidates’ exam schedule through SCFHS Phase
  4. Exam certificates of Pass/ Fail and a feedback report through Mumaris

What are the types of SCFHS Medical Licensing Exam in Saudi Arabia?

Who requires SCFHS certificate / License?

  • Doctors / Medical practitioner

Who issues SCFHS Certificate / License in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Commission for Health Specialities issues the license

Required Documents

  • Copies of your academic credentials.
  • Attested Employment certificate from previous or current employer.
  • Mark sheets and transcripts to confirm your performance throughout your studies
  • A completed SCFHC form for application. You will get this form from your employer.
  • An Updated resume.
  • A copy of Iqama.
  • Copies of your passport photos with white background.
  • Copies of front and back pages of your passport.
  • Application fees.

How to appear Practice Exam for Saudi Licensure Examinations?

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the National ID, Name, date of birth, gender, mobile
  3. Enter the Email, Nationality, graduation date
  4. Slect your paractice test type, University name
  5. Attach your identification certificate
  6. Click “Save”


SCFHS Saudi Arabia, Customer Care Phone number, email

Phone: 920019393

Hours: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm ( Sunday – Thursday)

Fax: 0114800800

What is SCFHS Dataflow application?

The SCFGS dataflow process, also known as the Primary Source Verification(PSV) application phase, is highly dependable background screening approach that involves immediate verification of a candidate’s personal or profession of the candidatte.
Note: Please ake sure the information you will provide in your applicatiion is correct. Any discreancy may raise a red floag.

What are the documents required for your PSV application at Dataflow?

  • Passport copy in original language
  • Degree copy in original language
  • Transcript/Mark Sheet (if available)
  • License Copy
  • Previous employment certificates

How to register with Dataflow for SCFHS Exam? (step by step)

2.Click start application

3.Enter the Authority name

4.Select your Package (with/without a Health license)

5.Enter your personal details (Passport)

6.Enter the verification details (Your education, experience, and license)

7.Letter of Authorization section click “consent”
9.And download the PDF (for your reference)

10.Click “Finish” and Make a Payment

11.Click Submit application

12.Check your dataflow status
13.Once your data flow group PSV report is completed
14.Then received a mail to reference number

How to complete professional Classification for SCFHS through Mumaris plus?

  1. Login to Mumaris+
  2. First enter your personal details
  3. Select “My services”
  4. Click professional classification SCFHS and apply now
  5. Provide your personal information and upload your photograph
  6. Upload your passport, education certificate, experience certificate information
  7. Select go to pay and Make a payment
  8. Once your professional classification is approved by Saudi Council
  9. You have received eligible ID from mail for Prometric exam


Your SCFHS license has been rejected, can you claim a refund?

  • Requests for refund must be submitted within a maximum of 48 hours from payment of the DataFlow Group fee.

What is the duration of the exam?

  • Exams are of 1-7 hours duration, depending on the exam title.

How to renew SCFHS License via Mumaris Saudi?

  1. Login to the Mumaris+
  2. Go to My services click “Start Registration” and Apply
  3. Complete your profile information
  4. update your personal information
  5. Upload your Work experience certificates
  6. Make a Payment to complete the process

Where is SCFHS Exam Test center location in Saudi Arabia?

  • To find your SCFHS Exam Test center location click here
  • SCFHS Exam Test center Location Contact : 800-814-3625

Can you schedule / cancel your SCFHS Exam?


Do you know the passing score of SCFHS Exam?

The passing score is 70%

How many times can a candidate pass The SCFHS exam?

Currently a candidate is allowed three attempts to pass. If not passing the first and second attempts, you may apply to SCFHS for a reactivation of your eligibility number as to obtain a third and last attempt. Generally, your eligibility to take the exam lasts for three months from the eligibility issuance date.

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