Vision 2030 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: What, Why, Attractions, objectives

What is Saudi Vision 2030?

It generally creates a vision for all.

Saudi Vision 2030 is mainly to reduce dependency on oil and improve the Country’s economy by improving tourism, health, Jobs, recreation, infrastructure, education where the details were announced and explained by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Why Saudi Vision 2030?

Why the Country Saudi announced the Saudi Vision 2030 and What is the main objective behind this?

A Vibrant Society:

  • Offering front row seat to all world class entertainment
  • Improving Healthier and Happier lives
  • Hajj & Umrah Passengers are experiencing good in the high speed train
  • Importance of protecting the native plants and animals are improved from the Saudi Government
  • Improving road travel experience
  • Welcomes Millions of people from around the world

Thriving Economy:

  • Building strong Digital Infrastructure
  • Ensure the safe environment for all workers
  • Training young people to get succeed in the Global labor market

Ambitious Nation

  • Education for all ages
  • Enables E-gaming developers
  • Improving judicial services
  • Works together to build a stronger community
  • Top medical care

How to contact Saudi Vision 2030?

Contact Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 through Email

Vision 2030 Official site:

What are the Saudi Vision 2030 Projects?

  • Neom
  • Red sea
  • Roshn
  • Riyadh art
  • Riyadh Sports Boulevard
  • Amaala
  • Soudah Development
  • Saudi Genome Program (Healthcare)
  • AlUla
  • Diriyah Gate
  • Green Riyadh
  • King Salman Park
  • Qiddiya
  • Sakaka Solar Power plant
  • Water Desalination Project using Solar Power
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